ZenLeap Talent Agent Services

The Talent Pool You've Been Waiting For

Companies need access to top Talent if they want to compete in today’s digital world. However, finding that talent has never been more difficult. ZenLeap's innovative Talent Marketplace combines natural search capabilities with machine learning to streamline your talent search. Our platform will help you find the right talent exactly when you need it.

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A Talent Management System for the Digital World

ZenLeap's intelligent software factors in a candidate's skills, accomplishments and past performance ratings to help predict future potential.

Our Talent Profiler helps identify transferable skills across multiple Talent Lakes (categories). This opens up entirely new channels to candidates, creating a much larger Talent Pool.

Our streamlined profiles make it easy to focus on the things that matter most. We highlight candidate's skills, accomplishments, and potential so that you can find the right fit faster while virtually eliminating bias from your pipeline.

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You know what doesn’t work.

Now it's time to try something that does. Find the Talent you need today.