Connecting job seekers and employers has never been more difficult. Even the most talented candidates struggle to land an interview while the best companies miss out on the talent they need.

We’ve lived this struggle personally. We’ve been hiring managers; we’ve been job seekers, and we’ve even been recruiters. We know first-hand that there are no bad people in this story; only bad processes and bad technology. Read an open letter from our CEO about his personal experience.

ZenLeap was born in the fires of this broken system. We exist to change the way companies and talent come together.

We believe that resumes and job descriptions are tools of the past. These artifacts of the industrial age are terrible vehicles for conveying the potential of a living breathing human being.

We believe there is a better way.

  • We believe in putting the candidate at the center of the universe.
  • We have simplified the process and tools to focus on skills, accomplishments, and potential.
  • Lastly our anonymous profiles eliminate unconscious bias from the sourcing process.

It’s time to go a different way. Whether you are a job seeker, a Hiring Manager, or a Recruiter ZenLeap’s Talent Marketplace is the recruiting software you've been waiting for.

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